Monday, May 22, 2017

My Short Post of the Month, But There is a Tomato Report

Cathrina Constantine has been my May Featured Follower. I hope you'll buy her book, read it and review it. The sixties! Ah, the sixties!

One of my good friends, S.A. Larson has a new book coming out. Take a look!

I read the excerpt on the author's blog and now have this book on my list. You can buy it here.

The Tomato Report

Then there's the on-going tomato saga.  No tomatoes, but one heck of a lot of shrubberies. Anyone who doesn't live in the mountains can't understand the struggle to get tomatoes before September, and that's exactly what I've set out to do. I'm challenging Mother Nature. Man is she tough!

You might notice the brevity of this post. Let me explain. I'm writing. I'm in the cave, and I am not doing as well as I'd like; however, a little setback like not "getting" the characters, or not "getting" the plot and tension, or not "getting" the whole #!$$! story together is not bothering me. Just wanted you to know.

Quote of the Week:

Keep in mind, Brevity is the souls of wit. . .or sometimes you're just short of time. Well, aren't we all?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Let Me Tell You A Story & My UnTomato Report

My mother-in-law spent her early years in a small town called New Pine Creek. It straddles the border between Oregon and California, and it can see some heavy winters. She often told the story about the winter Goose Lake froze so quickly that it trapped geese--froze their feet to the surface before they could escape.

Every time she told that story, people laughed.
"Not possible."

I have to admit I was skeptical, but she was an honest person, so I accepted her story as the truth. Well, and she was my husband's mother. 

When I found this video about geese who were frozen in a pond and held it up as evidence, that still wasn't enough for some naysayers. 

"Ponds are shallow and it's possible for them to freeze quickly. Lakes are deep, and that couldn't happen on one of them."

Ah ah, research to the rescue! I discovered that Goose Lake has a very shallow edge, so my mother-in-law's story from her childhood, was quite possibly true.

Want a little heart-warming video about a very cold goose? Here you go!

The UnTomato Report

Tomatoes in May? Not Quite, but my roses aren't too shabby this year. One reason is that we mended the fence and the deer haven't feasted on them. 1 for the gardener. 0 for the deer.

Are you a member of The Insecure Writers Group Book Club? No? I'm shocked. 200 of us are. Join up and get in on the discussion of our first book this month,

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Quote of the Week: "The Earth laughs in flowers." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 8, 2017

Newsy, Reedsy, and IWSG

This is going to be a newsy post. There's so much happening that's exciting. Did you see this? #IWriteBecause is a Reedsy idea. Authors are invited to submit a 30 second video, telling why they write. Reedsy will donate $10 for each video to the Room to Read Organization. Take a look at what Mark Dawson says about why he writes. There are a lot of other videos posted and they're fun to watch. 

Help Reedsy's #IWriteBecause to trend today on Twitter. Here are a couple of tweets you can post with a quick copy, past, Tweet.

Why do you write? Tell us & Room to Read gets $10. #IWriteBecause @ReedsyHQ @RoomtoRead

Do you write? Why? In a 30 sec. video, share your reasons & @ReedsyHQ donates $10 to @Roomto Read.

Oh, and Reedsy loves #IWSG. You will, too, because if you're a #IWSG member, you get 25% off all kinds of amazing help with editors, designers and marketers that authors need to publish their books. Why are you still here? Go to REEDSY and get your deal. . .just kidding. Read the rest, then go.

You are a #IWSG member, aren't you? No? It's not too late to sign up HERE.

Of course, I know you want my Tomato Report. Can't leave before that. So here 'tis.

My Tomato Report: They are stable and about half an inch taller than last week. I'll have to pinch back the first cluster of blossoms, and that's the hard part for me, but Tomato Bob says I must. Tomato Bob knows all. Just look at his harvest!

Quote of the Week: